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Welcome All!  No need to get into introductions because I'm guessing that if you're on this know who I am. Lol. BUT, being the consummate southerner (Alabama by way of Georgia) that I am, I HATE assuming and I going introduce myself ANYWAY! 

To be brief, I'm Mychael Knight.  A womenswear, fashion designer who's claim to fame was an obscure (yeah right) little reality show that helped bolster my career. I design clothes for celebrities and corporate clients, I dabble in accessory, beauty, & graphic design, and of coarse, the passion of it all, I design garments for the average, AMAZINGLY inspiring everyday women across the country/globe.  If you're interested in the details, you can take a quick here

Fashion Designer, Mychael Knight

This is an exciting time for me, lots of newness!  Creating this blog, of coarse, is something fresh for me.  I'm very guarded about my process.  I wanted to try something new.  Maybe it'll evoke some new energy in my creative psyche.  Or it may just be a window into the crazy in my head! Lol.  Either way, I'M IN.   I am also newly relocated to Los Angeles.  It has been a completely refreshing and inspiring journey.  And because of which, it prompted me to resurrect a label (fashion speak for "clothing line") I created when I started my company in 2002.  MYKA. Mychael Knight is a diffusion line of easy, youthful, spirited, and affordable clothing.  It's not fussy.  It's approachable.  And it's NOW.  I absolutely LOVE designing this line.  It's just about throwing caution to the wind and not thinking so hard about it.  And most importantly, it's at a price point that is accessible to many.

The collection has no inspiration.  BUT I was moved by muse & campaign model (also new) Destiny.  We actually met via a mutual friend, via that friend's fitting for a custom piece.  Upon seeing her, Destiny's effortless struck me immediately.  Clean make-up, boyfriend jeans paired with an uber sexy, slinky spaghetti strap tank, and lots of a chill attitude!   AND to add, she has genuine spirit and she's a southern girl to boot!  I knew immediately she's "the girl" I'm designing for, the NEW MYKA chick.  After chatting and her agreeing to be the face of MYKA, I browsed through Destiny's Instagram.  Even more blown away.  Outside of her beauty, she completely embodies being chic without trying too hard.  Style that is not about fashion.  I was sold!  SHE is what MYKA is. 

So with that notion in motion (ugh, love a good rhyme moment, lol), I began designing/sketching the debut collection of MYKA.  Didn't take long, a week & a half tops. And what I came up with (I think) is something super cool & contemporary.  EASY being the operative word.  It's mostly separates (tops & bottoms) and a couple of dresses.  I also kept the fabrics (Neoprene + Georgette) & color palette (3 colors) simple.  What makes the collection a powerhouse is the uninterrupted ease.  Clean lines, smart shapes, SHARP...with a touch of danger!

With the samples done, it was time to create the visuals.  At first, planned on shooting it myself.  Nope, not photographer, but I do have an eye, and I know what I want.  But then, I was chatting with a friend/colleague of mine, Jerris Madison, who happens to be a fantastic photographer, seeking his guidance on lighting.  After obliging me and giving me a little direction, he offered to shoot it.  I was hesitant at first, not because of his skill set (b/c the dude is dope), but, again, just knowing exactly what I wanted.  As we chatted more, I finally "succumb" to his assistance. Lol.  He understood that simplicity was necessary for this shoot.  Which is a different approach when I'm shooting Mychael Knight Collection.  It's about MORE and MOMENTS!  And besides, Jerris' eye and skills are KILLER!  Like, REALLY!?  Who did I think I was trying to pass on his amazing work.

Shoot day arrived!  We shot in my studio.  Again, also easy.  Destiny arrived first.  She actually did her won make-up.  I actually suggested that.  Outside of her knowing how to do an AMAZING job, I wanted her to be her.  Hair, also easy...I did it.  Lol.  Yup, I did.  Nope, not a hairstylist.  But I knew what I wanted.  I figured out a way to maneuver hairspray, bobby pins, and a blow dryer; it worked out.  

Jerris arrived shortly after Destiny.  His set up was quick and unproblematic.  15 minutes to be exact.  Things were so smooth that I actually cooked us all a dynamite brunch (yup, cook too, lol). The menu: Cajun Shrimp & Cheese Grits, Grilled Black Forrest Bacon (for Jerris & I, Destiny "Just Says No" to bacon), Butter Croissants, & Pineapple Peach Mimosas.  The BOMB.  

After our quick bite, it was showtime!  Destiny completely BODIED & EMBODIED the entire shoot.  It was so fantastic to watch.  She was so effortless.  The clothes were her second skin.  Not one thought went into how to wear them, it wasn't a need.  That's what MYKA. Mychael Knight is about.  Uncomplicated, cool chick chic.  I do have my favorites.  I love the black 2pc. crop tee + palazzo pant set.  UGH, soooooo damn chic (my bad for continually using "chic", lol)!  I also enjoy seeing her in the culottes.... the culottes with either the two tops, crop bandeau & sweatsuit.  It looked so damn cool!  And just like the looks, the whole shoot was just as cool.  Jerris captured every essence of the collection.  And I...well, I just and foolish antics.  Lol.  I can be quite silly. 

I even gave my many fans and followers on my various social media outlets a chance to be apart of the shoot.  InstagramFacebook, Twitter, Snapchat, they ALL were flooded with our flashing lights!  I actually held a live styling session where I invited followers to decided what shoes (the bootie or the pump) I should style a look in!  Lots of fun; so much awesome feedback from my followers (oh, and the bootie won!).  But that's who MYKA. Mychael Knight is for.  The women of NOW.  Women who know WHAT they want, and HOW they want it.  

All in all, the resurgence of MYKA. Mychael Knight was and is a wonderful new beginning.  I really want you all to have have pieces you love.  Pieces that are your go to favorites in your closet.  You know that dress, or top, or pant, when every time you wear it, you're always getting stopped and complimented on it!  And what adds to those compliments is when you think about how you didn't have to break the bank for a fab look/piece.  MYKA. is THAT clothing label. Your always and forever, go-to that never disappoints.

Now that you've heard me rant about it, you'll be soon getting the opportunity to take a look for yourself.  I think you'll find something you'll love.  Even if its not a head to toe look, purchase a piece that says it's YOU.  MYKA. Mychael Knight isn't FAST FASHION, it's FRESH FASHION.          

- mk